As Baton Rouge is becoming a more bike friendly City, Downtown has introduced new amenities for the biking community including new bike paths, improved wayfinging signage, new ways to access the levee path, bike racks, bike repair stations, and more! See below for helpful information on how to explore downtown by walking or biking!
In 2019, Baton Rouge implemented a bike share program and you can now rent a Gotcha Bike by downloading the app! Please find these pedal-assisted bikes at 15 locations downtown!


A 4.31 mile stretch of the levee bike path extends from the end of the downtown promenade just north of the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge and continues south past Skip Bertman Drive at LSU to Farr Park. The 15 foot wide path includes separate lanes for bicycles and walkers/joggers as well as lighting, seating and water fountains. The bike path links to the existing one mile riverfront promenade in Downtown Baton Rouge.

The Baton Rouge Levee offers many recreational activities. The activities range from biking to jogging, as well as, a quiet walk or rollerblading along the Mississippi River. People looking for a quick, downtown calorie-burning exercise can follow the .5 mile and 1.5 mile Levee Loop Paths on the map below.  Come enjoy one of Baton Rouge’s greatest assets.



The Downtown Greenway is a pedestrian and bicycling corridor that links inner city residential neighborhoods to downtown parks, businesses, and cultural attractions utilizing the existing BREC parks, interstate infrastructure, and public right-of-ways.  The creation of the Greenway is also intended to spur new investments and redevelopment in the city’s core.  The Downtown Greenway’s schematic design was completed through the EPA’s Greening America’s Capitals program and Design Workshop is currently completing the final planning processes.

Construction is complete on the first components of the Downtown Greenway at the Riverfront Access @ Florida St. and BREC’s Expressway Park.  The Riverfront Access @ Florida Street project connects the Greenway to the Riverfront Levee Path and Expressway Park is a collaborative project between the Downtown Development District/City Parish and BREC.



The walking paths, featuring three distances of one mile, two miles and three miles, is a step toward heart disease prevention and reducing heart disease death in the capital area. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in Louisiana, according to the American Heart Association. The walking paths are sponsored by Albemarle Foundation, Amedysis and Milton J. Womack.

The American Heart Association’s designated Walking Path program provides safe and accessible walking paths that give communities a resource that can be used to increase heart health.



Happy’s Running Club is a combination of serious and recreational runners and a great resource for anyone looking for training partners for any running distance. Organized runs are scheduled for every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. (run begins at 6:15 sharp) – Starting at the Roux House Patio on 3rd Street downtown. The runs rotate between 5 routes in order to keep things fresh. Maps of the routes (located below) are provided before the weekly run.

The club was started in 2008 by Scott Higgins and Michael Lang and has grown to 1000 members with a weekly average of 300 runners each week. The sole philosophy of the club is also their motto: “Run… drink… and be HAPPY!”

» Route 1 » Route 3 » Route 5
» Route 2 » Route 4 » Club Facebook Page


The YMCA running paths feature one, two, and three mile distances beginning at the downtown location, Charles W. Lamar Jr branch.  The branch is located near the state office buildings and IBM offices at 521 Third Street.

The Charles W. Lamar Jr. YMCA is located in downtown Baton Rouge, and has been serving the area since 2001.


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