Design Resource Center
Downtown Development District Offices

The Design Resource Center is 600 sq. ft. utilitarian flex-space located at 247 Florida Street inside the new Downtown Development District Offices. The functions incorporated within the resource center are information, presentations, workstations, and exhibitions. Lectures, monthly meetings, and student presentations held within the space will require the latest in digital technology to support the user groups that will operate within the space. A limited number of flexible workspaces will provide students and professionals a satellite studio to enable their work in downtown Baton Rouge.

This work is intended to serve as a store front exhibition of the intent of Plan Baton Rouge II, FutureBR, and previous master plans while displaying concepts on the future of Baton Rouge.

The Design Resource Center is an economic, social, and educational asset to downtown Baton Rouge. The center serves as a public show room to past, current, and future development of Baton Rouge. It educates residents about the future growth and development of their city while it also serves as the public liaison between individuals, communities, and design services. The Design resource center brings students and projects into a diverse and vibrant downtown environment enabling an exchange of disciplines and backgrounds between different educational institutions.

The creativity and passion of designers in Baton Rouge has re-energized downtown. The goal of this project is to encourage and enable the continued enthusiasm that has returned both commerce and culture to downtown Baton Rouge. The Design Resource Center will assist new businesses, embrace and encourage creativity, and expedite development research.

We are currently seeking tax-deductible sponsorship through both monetary and in kind services. Your donations will help us cover the provision of state of the art conferencing tools, work stations, and ongoing operational cost. The Design Resource Center will feature a sponsor/donor recognition display that will be highly visible to visitors. Any donated products will be on permanent display to the design community, contractors, and developers with product information and company contacts available. The Design Resource Center will serve as a satellite showroom of sorts, marketing the design products of all participating vendors.

If you are interested in sponsorship please visit the Design Resource Center Donation Page or if you are interested in utilizing the space, call the Downtown Development District office at 389-5520.