As an implementation item of Plan Baton Rouge II, it was recommended that the downtown attract more residents to the downtown area. In order to attract more residents, the daily amenities that people need must be available and convenient. The downtown has been lacking two essential venues that would provide downtown workers and residents these amenities; a full service grocery store and a pharmacy. Prescriptions to Geaux is a pharmacy that is opening downtown early next spring, filling one of these voids. In order to promote the realization of a grocery store downtown, the Downtown Development District developed a survey that identified what is important to downtown users regarding a grocery store.
Below are a few interesting statistics gathered from that survey
• 76% are willing to travel 0-10 miles to a grocery store
• 82% live or work within their travel preference from downtown
• 82% of respondents would support a downtown grocery store
• 55% say supporting a local business is very important