With the recent approval by the City Parish Administration and Metropolitan Council, a new riverfront access point at Florida Street and River Road will soon provide a fully accessible pedestrian and bicycle access to the Mississippi Riverfront and Levee Path. Located at the junction of River Road and Florida Street, the Florida Street Riverfront Access Point will be a welcoming amenity for tourists and residents to safely access sweeping views of the Mississippi River and the popular Levee Bike Path connecting downtown with the LSU area.

The $1.2 million federally funded project will begin construction later this Fall with a groundbreaking ceremony planned for late September. The entire project, designed by representatives of DPW and DDD with input from several design firms involved with various downtown greenspace developments, is being constructed by J B James Construction, LLC. It will include a multi-use path along River Road that will connect the Louisiana Art and Science Museum, Repentance Park, and North Boulevard Town Square to the new access point. Additionally, crosswalk improvements at the intersections of North Boulevard, Convention Street, and Florida Street will aid in the passage across River Road.

The project is one of the first components of the Downtown Greenway, connecting the greenway multi-use path to the Mississippi River Levee Trail.  The Downtown Greenway, North Boulevard Town Square, Repentance Park, and the new Florida Street Levee Access Point and River Road Path are all part of the downtown greening concept that improves connectivity between downtown’s cultural and civic attractions.

The map below shows the project’s relationship to the Downtown Greenway, which will connect surrounding neighborhoods and parks to downtown and ultimately the Mississippi Riverfront via the new levee access point.