“The Mississippi River is the front door to Baton Rouge, and we sought to create a design that would bring all of you back to see and experience the beauty and power of this great river in a setting alive with public activity.” – Honorable Mayor-President Melvin “Kip” Holden

The prominent theme within Downtown’s master plans is to reconnect to the Mississippi River by establishing a revitalized and connective urban core anchored by a ‘Central Green,’ an accessible and safe system of greenspaces linking downtown’s cultural and civic attractions. The ‘Central Green’ concept has catalyzed the implementation of several public greenspaces and connective pedestrian and bicycle transportation projects including the Florida Street Riverfront Access & River Road Multi-Use Path, an accessible multi-use path and levee access point that connects the ‘Central Green,’ Downtown Greenway, and LSU.

The 1.2 million dollar federally funded Florida Street Riverfront Access & River Road Multi-Use Path will create a safe, attractive traveling experience by featuring a 10’ bicycle and pedestrian path, streetscape amenities, crosswalk improvements, and street trees that line River Road with shade. This project is expected to be complete this November and was designed by representatives of DPW and DDD, with input from Reed Hildebrand LLC, Susan Turner Associates, Joseph Furr Design Studio, Reich Associates, and WHLC Architects.

Several other funded River Road projects are either planned or underway, which will further enhance the image of River Road. These projects will redefine River Road and significantly improve the bicycling and pedestrian experience along it, connecting people safely and comfortably to the Mississippi Riverfront from downtown’s many employment centers, residential opportunities, as well as cultural and civic attractions. Stay tuned for progress updates on the current and upcoming River Road Projects!


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