Settle into City Living.

Live downtown and you can enjoy life in a charming cottage on an intimate street, or with a breathtaking view of the Mississippi from a high-rise vantage point. No matter where you land, you’re never far from neighborhood markets, community gardens, restaurants and nightlife, bike paths and lush green spaces, cultural attractions, concert venues, workplaces, government and more.

With a 70% increase in new housing units over the last few years and 2,000+ residences in the development pipeline, Downtown Baton Rouge living is more than just a trend. From eco-friendly, mixed-use restorations and sleek, sexy condos to historic homes in colorful neighborhoods, there’s a great mix of welcoming places for everyone.

Moving downtown is a great way to get a whole new perspective on what life in Baton Rouge can be, and the best part: Everything you need is within a five-minute walk!

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Contact Kevin J Phillips @ 225-938-0558

Price: $205,000.00

# Bedrooms/offices: 2 bedrooms/1 office

Neighborhood: Historic Spanish Town

Contact F. Zatta @ Email: or phone: 225-480-8517.

# Bedrooms/offices: 3 bedrooms/2 bath

Neighborhood: Historic Spanish Town

Contact Evelyne Bornier @ 225-938-6118

Price: Monthly Rent: $1100 Security Deposit: $1100

# Bedrooms/offices: 2

Neighborhood: Historic Beauregard Town