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International Downtown Association Awards

2014 IDA Merit Award in Public Spaces - The Crest at Town Square

2013 IDA Merit Award in Leadership and Management

2013 IDA Merit Award in Public Spaces - Repentance Park

2012 IDA Merit Award in Urban Spaces - North Boulevard Town Square

Winner of: 2011 Merit Award in Planning - Downtown Greenway project

2010 Merit Award Winner in Planning The ‘Greening’ of Downtown - North Blvd Town Square, Repentance Park

2009 Award of Distinction in Leadership and Management

2008 Outstanding Achievement Award - Downtown Wayfinding Signage

Downtown Development District


Downtown River Road has become the first Complete Street in Baton Rouge. Once a high traffic industrial road, this historic scenic byway running along the banks of the majestic Mississippi River has been transformed into a recreational landscape that accommodates vehicular use.

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