Explore Baton Rouge by bike!

Explore Baton Rouge by bike! Get from A to B easily when you rent a fun and convenient pedal-assisted Gotcha bike in the city. These pay-per-minute bikes can be found at various stations in Baton Rouge destinations. Power the bike the old-fashion way for some enjoyable exercise, or take advantage of the e-motor to assist you in going further, faster and easier! After you get where you're going, simple return the bike to the nearest hub!

Enjoy a ride with a group of friends, an afternoon on the levee bike path, get to that downtown meeting quicker, or pedal to lunch instead of taking your car! Baton Rouge is easier to adventure through more than ever thanks to bike sharing.

There are seventeen Gotcha bike share stations in the downtown area with 12-20 bicycle docks at each station.

In addition to the downtown area, Gotcha also has stations on the LSU and Southern University campuses, with a few locations near the LSU lakes and Perkins Road Overpass. The system is integrated and all bicycles can be docked at any of the other stations.

For more information on the program and to use the service, please check out the app link below.

Gotcha Bike Share Apple App
Gotcha Bike Share Google Play App