Information at your finger tips.

Looking for demographics, statistics, business indicators, and maps? Great, you are in the right place. We have many tools available to assist and guide you through the investment process.

Development Toolkit

The web version of our 2023 Development Toolkit document can be viewed online and provides up-to-date demographics, statistics, maps, economic data, and other resources to inform your decision-making and planning process.

Business and Investment Assistant

We also introduce our Business and Investment Assistant tool which helps you navigate your way through useful business and investment information. The tools offer useful business and investment tips and advice, as well as business indicators, maps, and important contacts.

Economic Development Tools Application

Gain additional pertinent information on Local Opportunities, Quality of Life, and Zoning Controls.

For additional information and assistance regarding current development, economic incentives or available lease space, contact the DDD at or (225)389-5520.