Wayfinding Signage

In 2008 the Baton Rouge Downtown Development District completed a wayfinding signage project to better direct visitors around downtown, and was awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award by the International Downtown Association for its efforts. The plan covers directional signage for all modes of transportation including signs for pedestrians, motorists, and drawing attention to stops for public transportation. Special care was taken to make each sign unique and functional as both an informative highlight as well as calling out points of interest in the immediate vicinity.

Neighborhood Identity

The historic neighborhoods of Spanish Town and Beauregard Town each feature neighborhood identity signs highlighting the historical significance of the areas and strengthening the storytelling nature of Baton Rouge.

These signs act as gateways into Spanish Town, Baton Rouge’s oldest neighborhood, founded in 1805, which has the oldest architectural history in the area, and Beauregard Town, founded by a retired military officer from New Orleans, in attempt to recreate the characteristics of a European city. The surviving buildings represent popular styles from every period of Louisiana’s history and are home to restored residences, signature architecture, and mixed use design and are two of Baton Rouge’s most popular neighborhoods.

Parking Services

Aiding visitors and residents alike, the River Center and the State Parking Garage on Third Street display circular, bright blue parking locators to help guide motorists into safe and secure parking spaces so that they can get out on foot and experience the dense attractions of Downtown.

The subtle blue colored lighting integrated into the signs contribute to locators’ effectiveness at highlighting parking entrances and exits as well as enhancing the overall aesthetics of the lively Third Street corridor.

Pedestrian Directional Signs

Conveniently spread throughout the Downtown area are Pedestrian Directional Signs, providing a valuable reference for all visitors, new or old, to help navigate the opportunities available around the city center.

Each Pedestrian Directional Sign includes a map and informational panel that illustrates the art, history, and music of Downtown Baton Rouge, and helps to ensure that visitors are afforded a comprehensive pedestrian experience.

Street Name Signs

Downtown is unique in the city for its street signs. Throughout the Downtown area visitors will find specialized street name signs which further enhance each neighborhood’s identity and ease of navigation.

Visitors will find unique sign types for Downtown, Slocum Alley, Cox Alley, Beauregard Town, and Spanish Town.

Trolley Stops

While not a true Trolley in the strictest of senses, the CATS Downtown Trolley provides all of the charm and utility of the real thing and is an ideal way for all visitors to see Downtown. Trolley stops are conveniently located across downtown and each trolley stop includes a marker with a detailed trolley map as well as three illustrated attraction panels highlighting the finer points of the downtown area.

What’s best is that all attractions are located within walking distance of the trolley stops.

Vehicular Directional Signs

Located throughout Downtown Baton Rouge motorists will find attractive directional signage in order to orient them and provide a sense of the scope of points of interests to be found with the area. These award winning signs provide a distinct means of navigating the city, allowing new visitors access without the worry of getting turned around and lost among the streets of Downtown.

In addition, each sign has a unique pattern incorporated into its design, contributing to the sense of care and detail visitors can expect when visiting downtown.


In Lafayette Park across from the Shaw Center and in City Hall Plaza, visitors will find two Kiosks to help locate themselves and their next activities. Each Kiosk displays a large, detailed map of downtown along with seasonally rotating information showcasing the highlights of what downtown has to offer.

At night, the Kiosks are illuminated, providing a beacon for visitors to find their way around and contribute to the ambiance of Downtown.